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  1. a short introduction to a PhD thesis in progress:

    The aesthetics of plasmaticness 


  2. The dualism of this world represented through the polarities of subject / object, nature / culture, material / immaterial is as old as the history of our existence, although its perception has changed a great deal over the course of time. Materialism as well as the question of matter have their own place in the context of art. The 'material turn' is a theoretical concept, supposed to empower the world of things as it describes an agential realism, a concept of reality where object and subject, observer and observant are not separated, but interdependent.The essence of every creational process is some sort of metamorphic quality. Not the medium, nor the artist, but the two of them merged into one bring to life an aesthetic dimension that we then call art. The world thereby becomes a fluid object and art serves as the sensuous representation of the absolute.


    At the beginning of creation we find a potential, an unlimited arsenal of possibilities, the freedom of form:


    'Somewhere in the realm oft he very purest and most primal depths. There, where we are all children of nature. (...) on the conceptual level of man not yet shackled by logic, reason, or experience. That's how butterflies fly. That's how flowers grow.' Sergej Eisenstein


    This primal concept of the material takes in the physical and at the same time translates it into a constant process of becoming. On an aesthetic level this quality seems to be embodied in basic elements like water, fire,... as well as digitally created masses and objects.