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    Elisa is currently living and working in Vienna, Austria. Her work and artistic approach is very much shaped by her research and theoretical interest in aesthetics and art history. The interaction
of the material and immaterial world is the key to art and the role it plays in our society.

    For her own work she tries to go to the basics. Emotions are the core of our being, yet quite often they are supposed to be controlled by our minds. Artistic expression in its raw form provides an unconditional space, a laboratory for emotions as working with emotions is the fuel for any kind of artistic endeavor.

    With abstract painting, you can directly translate the immaterial qualities of emotion into a form, in a very primal sense. Paint itself is fluid and without delay can be used to display everything you put into it. By so confronting emotions with the canvas, they change form and become an abstract image made
 of colors, shapes and spread paint. Painting serves as a catalyst and makes the invisible visible. Oftentimes simple geometric forms appear, mixed with pure expressive and spontaneous gestures of paint.

    While the direct sensual expression of painting gives rise to a very inner emotional reality, photographic and digital work adds as sense of outer reality that is then mixed with the subjective reality of the artist.  

    The question of matter and materiality and its role in the expression of non-material qualities accompanies every part of Elisa’s work.  What material forms arise in an aesthetic process that aims to create art mainly by expressing emotions, sensations and thoughts and why? Operating in this immaterial dimension the world becomes a fluid object and art functions as sensuous representation of the absolute. What is reality then?

    Elisa Gold studied film and media studies, art history and philosophy at the University of Vienna and the Free University of Berlin. She wrote her Master Thesis about: ‚Reality Re-animated. The aesthetic experience of animated movies ‘. Furthermore, she studied Animation, CGI and Graphic design at University of the Arts in Berlin.